Summer Time...

Summer Time....
Definitely! We have been blessed this year, here in Ireland, if you like the sun and heat, that is! We were promised a bit of rain last weekend, but it never came - just a cool breeze, which was highly appreciated after the scorching heat we have been experiencing for the past 3 weeks.... and is still continuing at the time of writing.

I don't know if you have any kids, but I have 3 - 1 daughter (13), and two sons, (11) and (4).

The two older ones loath the hot weather - moaning and complaining - they are moving from one shady corner to the next, ideally in front of some device or another, if they manage to get away with it, that is!

So what to do??

Take a bowl of water and a bar of soap
and start wet felting!


Not just for children...

There is no need for fancy soap or hot water - it is really just for fun! I made 'pebbles' with my youngest and there is something very soothing about this process. The older ones preferred something a bit more challenging so they wet felted a picture - allow for lots of soapy water fights! 

What's needed?
1 bowl of water
1 bar of soap
lots of wool fleece  - this is a great way of using up all the little left over wool pieces, other fibres & stuffing!
  1. Add soap to water
  2. mix up some wool and fibres
  3. form into a ball
  4. drop into the water bowl and start rolling it into a ball/pebble
  5. Keep going until it feels dense and smooth
You can make a good number of them, my little one had to be stopped after 2 hours! once you have enough you can string them up to make a garland or use them as decoration spread around the house. Little kids also enjoy playing with them!
How to wet felt a picture

Show off what you do in our 'Made with Love ' Section!

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Another new Irish Collaboration!

As promised! Introducing our first Needle-felting Kits!

10%off for our readers onall new needle felting kits!Please use Coupon Code: HEDGENEWS

         To the hedgehog Kit
Lorna from SimplyFeltIreland
based in Ratoath in Leinster, Eire
has designed some gorgeous Hedgehogs and Fairies  - and that is only for Starters! There will be more to come, but for now: If you ever wanted to needle felt a hedgehog, but didn't know how - here goes!
Hedgehog & Nest Needle felting Kit
The links provided above, will take you to the kits. In order to get the instructions too, you will have to click on the link provided in the individual listing description (or follow the links given below), to purchase it separately in
Lorna's Shop.


This way, it will be cheaper for you, the customer;
the designer will keep all the rights and is there to answer any questions you might have.

Lorna's instructions are available as individual PDFs, which you can download straight away after purchase.

Hedghog PDF
Hedgehog & Nest PDF
Fairy Blue PDF 
Fairy Red PDF


Linen & more Fabrics

We are currently adding more and more interesting Fabrics to our'Boutique Fabrics' Section online. From delicately embroidered Linen to hard wearing Linen and Cotton Fabrics. Not to forget our popularNettle fabric and yarn! If you are interested in fabrics - this will definitely be worth your while!
Turin - finally online! 
There are only a few skeins left of our Eco printed yarn, but if you would like to try out something special, here is the link to ournaturally dyed Ramie/Wool/Silk yarn - Turin.
See below for a stunning Shawl using this yarn!
Albina from LBhandknits 
always writes beautiful and informative blog posts
her latest one might be of interest to you!

An absolute inspiration! When I first came across Gillian's shawl on Instagram @gillsstitches my thoughts were: Oh my, I wish my yarn could create something like this....You can imagine my surprise, when I read that it  was my yarn! Turin, in fact!

1 hank of 'River Moss' and 1 hank of 'Love in the Mist'

Pattern from @minalovesdesigns (instagram) go to her Ravelry store



We are discontinuing our 19mic merino Roving over 30 Colours available while stock lasts!

30% off!
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An invitation to all crocheters to join the
'A Mindful of Mandals'

A dear friend is organising this event and the mandalas they have made already are simply astonishing!

If anyone wishes to see the progress of the project or to contact Wendy, please go to ‘A Circle of Stitches’ FB page and join the group.
It is well known that crochet has a positive effect on mental health.

Colour, repetition, creating and completing something contributes to a feeling of well-being. Community groups combat loneliness and offer a chance to share skills and connect to others, thus enhancing quality of life.

To raise awareness and celebrate these ~ A Circle of Stitches ~ who meet weekly in

Scariff Library

are organising
'A Mindful of Mandalas'
A collaborative art project,

to be held in the gallery space in the Library building in Scariff. It will run for three weeks to coincide with World Mental Health Day in October.
We would like as many people as possible to take part

in fact!

All you need to do is crochet a mandala, any size, any
colour, and post to:
Wendy Seviour,
Bluebell Cottage,
Caher, Co. Clare,
V94 FWF2

If you would like your mandala returned to you,
please include a stamped addressed envelope. Please include your name along with your mandala, as it will be listed in the exhibitors list.

If anyone feels that they have any thoughts to share in particular, or if crochet/community groups have helped them personally in any way, please include a few words, which will also be included in the exhibition anonymously.
Free mandala patterns can be found on

The Woad Project

The Woad is growing nicely and I am hoping that we can start dyeing in August/September.
Unfortunately, we have to move house and though I have some planted in pots, the majority has been planted in the garden and I am only praying that the woad will be fine with transplanting! More on that in our August newsletter!

If you like to join, you are very welcome, growing or dyeing isn't a must!


What will we cover next?

  • Summer Sale!!!
  • Baa Baa Sheep festival in Galway
  • Woad Project
  • Moving House and Shop experience
  • Solar Dyeing
  • and probably some other yummy bits :-)
I hope you enjoyed our newsletter!
Talk soon! x